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CHINA-ASEAN Mold Expo - V1 Featured Pavilion

Video Advertising

Our cloud and substitution expo VIP service will promote company video on the V1 industrial Internet platform, helping the visitors to know you more easily and faster online in advance.

Cloud Match-making Conference

Through exhibitors’ search and system match-making service, the professional buyers could make an appointment with the exhibitors for an on-site negotiation. Also, it will help to promote online interaction and improve the effectiveness of exhibitors' participation.

Brand Promotion

We serve the clients at nearly 50 After-sales service locations around the world. Our V1 Industrial Internet has professional mold industry specialist, who will participate in the expo for you and connect you to the target market buyers at any time and anywhere to take you do business around the world easily.

Talent Service

For exhibitors, the booth is a business platform for product display, business exchange and sales. The key to the success of an expo is to have excellent and flexible presenters to connect with professional audiences directly. Professional expo specialists can not only help your team to receive customers, assist business discussions and document writing, but also enhance your expo activities through rich expo experience to attract more potential customers.

Market Analysis

From 2008 to 2021, the global mold industry is in a steadily rising stage. By 2020, the market size has reached 1.8 trillion yuan. With the implementation of industrial upgrading strategies in various countries such as 'American Re-industrialization', 'German Industry 4.0', and 'Japan Industry 4.0', it is foreseeable that the world mold industry will continue to maintain a good development trend.

Cloud & Substitution Expo Bonus

C&S Expo Users
More and more users around the world start to use the cloud & substitution expo service
68 %
Signing rate rises
Signing rate rises
47 %
Investment cost
Investment cost

Cloud & substitution Expo Service Forum

The advantage of Cloud & substitution Expo Service

Aidou 2 minutes ago
1653 134

The share of the clients Experience for Cloud & substitution Expo Service

Xiao Hong 8 minutes ago
5340 323

2020 Global Mold EXPO

Zhou Dan 17minutes ago
9775 1233

Toyota Textile (China) won the title of 'National Top 100 Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers'....

Dalao 36 minutes ago
13400 3455

About Us

V1 Industrial Internet makes use of information technology and Internet platforms to develop the International Cloud Expo Service business actively, and promote global digital expos around the world. It helps Foreign Trade enterprises to connect with global customers through remote expos.

Relying on the big data resources advantages of thousands domestic mold companies, 80+ overseas business associations, hundreds of expo organizers and expo agents, with the precise matching tools of supply and demand between the international and domestic parties, adopting a new method of cloud platform video accurate docking, Could Expo establishes V1 industrial Internet online trading platform to help companies develop markets. This model is an exploration to meet the development needs of domestic and international situations, also helps enterprises to develop the market in depth, so as to obtain more orders. Through the form of cloud platform and cloud connection, the offline expo, as well as the negotiation, will be transferred to the online model. The international Cloud Expo mode is still the pioneer in China, and it is an efficient supplement to offline expos. Meanwhile, it helps to improve the utilization rate of resources in the mold industry, and brings new momentum to stabilize orders and expand the market.

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